Scheduled Server Maintenace

 Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Hello, this post is to notify you of an upcoming scheduled maintenance on our server.  To better ensure reliable, efficient service, we are improving our servers so there will be a downtime in our website. This move will not have any impact on the network providers or IP addresses used by your server, which will remain unchanged. We are scheduling a short interruption of access to our website and want to give you as much notice as possible. Currently, the maintenance is scheduled for: Tuesday, December 9th, 2022, Between 10:00AM and 8:00 PM Arizona Time. This maintenance is expected to cause downtime of approximately 90 minutes, but possibly less or more time may be necessary. This is because we need to shut down the server to relocate it to our primary datacenter, located a 20-minute drive from its current location. Once the maintenance has been completed, our staff will update the thread.


OneHost Support