Do my hard drives have any defect?

A high frequent reason of data loss is, that your drive is producing more and more errors, but noone recognizes it until the drive fails. In the most cases it's too late for a backup, because of this we suggest to perform checks of your drive regularly. To check your drives, please set your server to the rescue mode. You can find this option in the central customer management under "Root-Server Functions".

Start the rescue mode (this can take a few minutes) and connect to your server via SSH. The password for the rescue mode can be viewed in the central customer management.

If your connection was established successful, view your drives:

fdisk -l

The output should create lines like this (The values are depending on the drive)

/dev/sda: 500.1 GByte, 500107862016 Byte

To perform a chekc of this drive please type this to your shell:

smartctl -s on -t short -a /dev/sda

After typing this line the output will tell you when the test is finished. Instead of „-t short“ you can use „-t long“ - this check is more accurate, but takes much more time to proceed. To see the values of the check after it is finished, type:

smartctl -a /dev/sda

Reapeat this for all drives that were shown by fdisk.

If one of this values is CRITICAL / FAIL , please contact the support and paste the output to the ticket.

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